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Mobile Hydraulic Services was established in 1993 and has successfully maintained seventeen years of service and repair to our valued clients. One of the goals of the company was to operate within the confines and parameters of legislation and to be representative of the society within which it operates.
Mobile Hydraulics is proud to be associated with Premier Mining Houses, Sawmilling Industry and General Engineering in South Africa and Swaziland.


Mobile Engineering Services CC, formerly known as Justo Engineering CC, was established in 1995 and has successfully maintained 15 years of service in the engineering industry.
Mobile Engineering Services specialize in the machining and manufacturing of purpose built machines as per client specifications, as well as mechanical breakdowns.


Moble Labour Solutions started in June 2011. Our aim is to supply our customers with reliable workforce as needed.
So far the business has grown beyond our wildest expectations, and we look forward to assisting our clientele with all their labour needs.